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Everyone is stuck in Money Matrix: If you want to make yourself rich, Learn to come out of Money Matrix & attract more of it..

“Secret of Financial Freedom”
There is nothing on Earth that you can not have once you have mentally accepted, the fact that you can have it.

Money Matrix is the Sixth Sense & you can’t make use of the other five without it.


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We can be a fast track money winner. Practical life success can only be total Money Success. If you understand money, you can understand life. Money is given the major importance in life and we don’t have any training for making it. Our training is based on 11 years of research of western and eastern techniques to make Millions and live with fulfilment. We are as rich as we think we are. The world is abundant in everything. It is only our limitation of thinking that makes us poor. This workshop is all about projecting the thoughts and pictures of abundance in our sub-conscious mind. Free energy rotation in YOU enhances FREE money circulation FOR YOU. Blocked energy stagnation affects YOUR free money flow. The root cause of this block is MONEY MIND clutters. Clearing the clutters and resorting easy money flow to everyone with ancient and current techniques is the enlightened way of attaining MONEY SUCCESS.


COURSE CONTENT  – Money Rules/Rituals- Creating Space for New- Money Myths- Millionaires Secrets – Differences- Changing Money Blueprint- Hidden Money Facts- Change Mind Set from Thousands to Crores- Power of Associations/Group- Abundance Mentality- Investment Ideas – Pyramid Power- The Prosperity Prayer- Rules for Shopping – Lifestyle Changes- Removing Fears from Past Experiences- Budgeting & Managing Money- Different ways & Ideas of Earning Money – Passive Income:- Dealing with Children About MoneyLearning to Attract More Money Even when you Sleep- Attract Money Meditation- Attracting Money – Becoming Money Magnet- Being Intelligently Generous – Time is money